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Pavlov’s superintendent fired for show-cause, face-to-face meeting – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Finally, on Tuesday afternoon, Ganesh Prasad in charge was temporarily relieved from the post of superintendent of Pavlov Hospital. For the time being, Super Arghya Maitra Pavlov of National Medical College will look after the administrative and patient services of the hospital. On the other hand, the Accounts Officer of the National Medical College will look after the economic activities of the hospital. Earlier, Super Ganesh Prasad, superintendent of Pavlov Psychiatric Hospital, Gobra, was instructed to respond within seven days to the cause of mismanagement at Pavlov Hospital. On Monday, the last day of the deadline, Super Ganesh Prasad sent a two-page letter to Swasthya Bhavan. He was then summoned to the health building on Tuesday afternoon. There, Health Secretary Narayan Swarup Nigam, State Health Officer Siddharth Niyogi, Government Health Officer (Mental Health) Dr Debashish Haldar and senior officials of the Health Department had a long meeting with Pavlov Mental Hospital Super.

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In his defense, the superintendent denied all allegations against him and the hospital. He said a conspiracy was being hatched against him. However, senior officials at the Salt Lake Health Building were reluctant to heed Super’s remarks. Health Secretary Narayan Swarup Nigam said in clear terms, “Necessary steps will be taken immediately according to the deficiencies found in Pavlov Mental Hospital. A meeting has been held today, another meeting will be held the next day.” However, after the meeting at the health building on that day, Pavlov’s super Ganesh Prasad left without answering any question from the media.

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According to the health department, Ganesh Prasad, who has been holding the post of superintendent of Pavlov Mental Hospital for 12 long years, will have to be removed this time. Having held this position for a long time, he has turned the whole hospital into a Mauritius lease. The Patient Welfare Association also did not function properly in the hospital. The treatment of mental patients is far away, they have been made guinea pigs and it has been alleged that they have been played properly. The condition of their food, clothing, ward is deplorable. Patients have to stay here in worse condition than animals. The hospital superintendent kept his eyes closed despite knowing the whole matter. Such information came up during the inspection of the health department.

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