#Kolkata: 12:40 pm. Metro Rail leaves Maidan Station and heads towards Park Street. Suddenly a man shouted ‘mobile is gone’.

Everyone caught the mobile thief in handcuffs. On Saturday afternoon, Sanjeev Shasmal boarded the Dakshineswar-bound metro from Maidan metro station. According to him, the mobile phone was in the left pocket of his pants.

He said the train was empty enough. But in front of the door of the train there was a crowd of people. On that occasion, the pickpocket, who was standing next to the passenger, picked up the mobile.

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Sanjeev Babu said, ‘Suddenly I felt that my pocket became light. I put my hand in my pocket and saw that there was no mobile phone. As soon as he got up, he threw the mobile phone at his feet. I’m 100% sure the person standing next to me took the mobile phone. ‘

The train was entering the Esplanade metro station at that time. After that, Sanjeev Babu and other passengers dropped off the suspect at the station. After getting off at the station, everyone handed over the pickpocket to the railway police.

When the railway police took him to the station master’s house and interrogated him, the pickpocket admitted that he had picked up the mobile phone from his pocket. The police of Maidan police station immediately came and started interrogating the pickpocket. It was learned in the interrogation that the pickpocket’s name was Rajesh Sheikh. Lives in Kandarpur area of ​​Narendrapur police station.

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Checking the bag, however, no other mobile was found. An old mobile battery was found. Ordinary passengers are quite stunned by such things.

How can a pickpocket get into the metrorail? Where security is tight. Starting from CCTV cameras, white-clad police and security forces are always on the move. Being a pickpocket there raises enough questions about security.

The Maidan police station kept Rajesh for questioning. Even after such a big incident, Sanjeev Babu did not lodge any written complaint with the police. Police are investigating whether Rajesh has any contact in the incident of pickpocketing in Metro before!

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