#Kolkata: A Bengali girl became the first Indian woman to conquer Dhaulagiri without oxygen. He is Piyali Basak of Chandannagar in Hughli. On Friday morning, Piyali climbed Dhaulagiri (8,17 m) without any supplementary oxygen. This is the first time that an Indian woman has achieved the feat of touching the top of a 6,000-meter peak without supplementary oxygen, and Piyali is the first Bengali, male and female, to achieve this feat.

In addition to Piyali, two other Indians and four Sherpas were on the expedition. Surprisingly, the rest of the expedition was carried out with oxygen, but only Piyali completed the expedition without the help of oxygen. Piyali, a teacher at Kanailal School in Chandannagar, Hooghly, is a mountaineer. So run again and again to the top of the mountain.

Piyali started her journey from Chandannagar on September 5. Piyali was the first to reach Roxaul on the Mithila Express. From there go to Nepal. After that he left for Dhaulagiri peak expedition with many others. Piyali was credited with winning the Manasulu peak in 2016. But the failure is to go to Mount Everest and not be able to touch it. He had to return to Everest. That dissatisfaction repeatedly made Piyali squirm.

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Finally, without oxygen, he drank the hard horn like Dhaulagiri without any oxygen. Usually when you go up to an altitude of eight thousand meters, oxygen is needed. But what Piyali did will be written in gold in the history of mountaineering. This is a unique example of a housewife and everyone from family members to school-friends who are overwhelmed with success.

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