#Kolkata: Last year, in the midst of the assembly elections in West Bengal, the Bengali New Year i.e. Holy Boishakh fell. At that time BJP was fighting to occupy Bengal. There was an urge for the Trinamool Congress to come to power for the third time and score a hat-trick. In that situation, the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister wished a happy Bengali New Year Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted in Bengali and wished the Bengalis of the state and the world a Happy New Year. He was also associated with the election campaign. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did two things at once. But that vote is not there this time. The BJP is not fighting for power. Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool has scored a hat trick after coming to power for the third time. That is why the top politicians kept this year’s New Year greetings with pure wishes.

On Friday morning, Prime Minister Modi tweeted his best wishes for the holy month of Boishakh. However, this time he wished the Bengali New Year in English, not in Bengali. “Happy New Year,” he tweeted. Wishing you a happy Boishakh. ”Continuing the trend, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also extended her best wishes. He also tweeted. Wrote, “Happy New Year, 1429. Wake up happy new year. Many, many greetings and congratulations to all. Stay healthy, stay well, enjoy the coming days very much. ”

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Saying goodbye to the year 1428, the journey started in 1429. Today is Holy Boishakh. Festive Bengali. Due to the Corona epidemic, no one has been able to celebrate the first day of the Bengali New Year in the last two years. However, this year the country is on the way to liberation from the darkness of Corona. Parole is another Bengali year in this climate.

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Welcome 1429. On the day of Holy Boishakh, various programs have been organized all over Bengal. Various events have been organized on the first day of the Bengali New Year at the initiative of various organizations and clubs. Bengalis dressed in new clothes and floating in the joy of the festival. Today it is time to welcome the new year with dance-song-recitation.

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