#Kolkata: Thirteenth festival in twelve months of Bengali. There is no end to our celebrations. We find excuses to celebrate. And that Bengali New Year must be something special. And Bengali festival means eating and drinking by dipping the wrist. However, New Year does not mean that rice, pulses, home-cooked food. Chinese, Italian, Lemonese and other delicacies have entered the Bengali cuisine. But there is an added weakness to biryani. (Poila Baisakh Special Menu)

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. You won’t want to go to Henschel on this day, that’s why. Without thinking too much, the meal is served with Moghlai food in the restaurant. Or order food and drink while chatting at home. With that in mind, Karim’s Kolkata has organized a holy Baishakh feast. In Sector Five, Dharmatala and Chinar Park, all the special outlets will be available at the three outlets from 12.30 pm to 11.65 pm.

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From starters to last-page desserts, there are all the arrangements for eating leaves. The first leaf always has the kind of kebab that is available, along with the chicken pili chili tikka, the pomfret tandoori, all the watering of the tongue. The main course will have special items like Special Run Biryani, Mutton Dum Biryani, Dum Dahiwala Chicken, Kima Fry, Fish Saffron, Chicken Roast, Chicken Musalam, Chicken Akhbari, Panir Makhanwala. After eating all this, if there is room in the stomach, or if you want a sweet face, then there are options. There are desserts like Malay Firni and Caramel Custard.

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There are also special discounts on home delivery. If you play special New Year’s terms, you will have to pay an additional tax of 900 rupees. This food festival will run from 14-16 April.

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