#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee opened her mouth about the incident at Alia University from a press conference on Monday. On Monday, the Chief Minister handed over the appointment letters to the family members who lost their relatives in the Rampurhat incident. After that, the journalists questioned about the incident at Alia University. And in answer to that question, Mamata expressed her opinion on that subject.

The Chief Minister said that what the police have done about the incident at Alia University. The moment the incident came to light, the police and the administration took action. Police have been active in the Alia University incident. The accused has been arrested. The student has been arrested for speaking harshly. But no one is talking about Visva-Bharati. VC of Visva-Bharati has been arrested? A lot has happened for what VC of Visva-Bharati has done. In fact, everything is a conspiracy to discredit Bengal, we have to stop defaming Bengal.

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The country’s economy is being ruined But without looking at it, the central government is trying to take everything into its own hands, diverting people’s attention The BJP is also trying to tarnish his image by making the video viral This was stated by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee while addressing a press conference from Navanna on this day. Mamata warns, “I know how to use mobile when it comes to putting ink on my sari.”

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The Chief Minister further complained that the price of petrol and diesel has gone up 11 times in the last 13 days The price of cooking gas has gone up The Chief Minister repeatedly expressed concern over the poor state of the country’s economy According to him, the central government should immediately hold talks with all parties The Chief Minister alleged that the BJP was causing various incidents to divert people’s attention from the economic situation of the country

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