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Police arrested two relatives in Behala Murder case | The mystery of mother-son murder in Pornshree finally ends in death …– News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The fear is true, two members of the family have been arrested by the detectives in the Parnashree Murder Case of Behala. Sushmita Mandal and her son Sanjay Das and Sandeep Das (Parnashree Murder Case) have been arrested in connection with the murder of Sushmita Mandal and her son. The confessions of the detainees revealed that they were killed for the purpose of robbery.

It is learned that a few months ago, Sanjay’s wife got married to her first son. At that time a lot of money was borrowed. A month ago, Sanjay called his sister Sushmita and asked for a loan of Rs 5,000. But Sushmita could not give. However, Sanjay knew that Sushmita (Parnashree Murder Case) has a tendency to buy jewelry. He thinks Sushmita may have jewelry in her house. Sanjay planned to loot that jewelry.

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On the morning of the incident, Sanjay first came to Taratala by bike from his house in Bajwaj area. There he took his brother Sandeep with him. Then the two of them went to Sushmita’s flat. They both wore masks. So Sushmita did not open the door at first. Later, Sushmita opened the door as soon as the two of them opened the mask. Then the two of them went inside.

Sit in the drawing room and have tea and cake. As soon as Sanjay started talking, he suddenly got up and hit Sushmita on the neck with a sharp knife. Sushmita ran to the bedroom. Sanjay ran back. Going there, he randomly stabbed Sushmita.

However, before wielding the first knife, Sanjay was prohibited by his younger brother Sandeep with a wink. Sandeep said in the interrogation. Sanjay looks at Sandeep. Sanjay also killed his nephew from that place.

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After the murder, they washed their hands in the basin and sink and stayed in the flat for about 45 minutes. Even at night when other relatives got the news of Sushmita’s death, these two brothers also came. Before the murder, Sanjay came to the area and did Reiki for two or three days to see if there was any CCTV footage nearby. Even since he himself is associated with the work of CCTV he knew the CCTVs of Sushmita’s flat were not working. Sanjay also used that issue.

After the murder, the investigators started questioning the relatives and close friends of Sushmita and Tapan Babu. After questioning one relative after another, the police came to know that they all live near Sushmita’s house. Even a very close relationship with everyone. I used to make phone calls and travel home. Meanwhile, the police also came to know that Sushmita is an aunt and her sons are in trouble. There is a distance in the relationship with them.

Sanjay last came a month ago. At that time he wanted to borrow money from his sister. As the detectives know this, so can the debt-ridden Sanjay. Investigators then began questioning him. He was brought to Lalbazar yesterday afternoon. The interrogation continued throughout the night.

Note that in this episode, the police also saw several marks of injuries on Sanjay’s body. They raise suspicions. After a long interrogation, Sanjay confessed to the murder. Brother Sandeep was also arrested this afternoon. She also cried in front of the police.

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