#Kolkata: Chitpur police have sent a letter for inquest into the mysterious death of BJP youth leader Arjun Chaurasia in Kashipur. Kanhaiya Sonkar was the first to see the hanging body at the scene. Kanhaiya said, “When I went to fetch the cows, I saw the body hanging in the abandoned railway station.”

Accordingly, the deceased’s grandfather and Chitpur police officials reached Arjikar Hospital on Friday evening. Arjikar will be taken to Command Hospital for autopsy on Saturday as ordered by the High Court. State politics is in turmoil over the mysterious death of BJP leader in Chitpur. Kanaya Sonkar, who first saw the body of Arjun Chaurasia, said, The people of the whole area around 7.30 pm. Everyone returned at 12 o’clock at night. Something may have happened by chance in that free time.

Inquest examination request Inquest examination request

Then everyone around the house came to know. Family members were also informed. There were no tools under the feet. I see the body hanging around my neck with a towel. However, the towel is torn, the body hanging on the torn towel again. However, family members of the deceased have raised several questions regarding the mysterious death. Arjun’s feet were on the floor of the deceased’s cousin Binod Barui. Arjun’s feet were on the floor. The body was torn while the towel was hanging. Knots were tied from it again. On Thursday, he received a salary of Rs.

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But after his death he did not get any money except 500 rupees in his pocket. Where did the money go? Mobile phone found. Arjuna has three brothers and a mother. Arjun’s younger brother. Mejo brother Amit and elder brother Anand Chaurasia. Arjun used to work in a sari factory in Sodpur. The family of the deceased claimed that they came to the house around 8.30 pm on Thursday. Arjun came and left the lunch box. Binod Barui, a relative of the deceased, said that when he did not return at night, the family members went to the police station to find out if any arrest had been made. Because Amit Shah will come on Friday. Of the bike3It was Arjun’s turn to welcome Lally. So after searching the family members, you can know from the police station that no arrest has been made.

Then they talked about the missing diary. Police want to track with mobile number. But the body did not match overnight. The first to see the local Kanhaiya Sonkar on Friday morning. Then the tension in the area started. Once the body was taken out, the police put it back in the face of the protest of the locals. Then Dilip Ghosh, Sukant Majumder, Kalyan Chaubey all the BJP leaders came one by one. After a while, the police took the body out and took it to Arjikar Hospital. The police clashed with the locals. It is alleged that the baton was charged.

Trinamool leader Atin Ghosh came. He faced protests. Home Minister Amit Shah arrived at the spot at noon. The CBI has demanded an investigation. Family lawyer Priyanka Tibrewal said, “There is no trust in the police. An autopsy will be conducted at the Commando Hospital as per the High Court order.” Now everyone is looking at the autopsy. Murder or suicide or death for any other reason? The whole thing will be clear after the autopsy. Only then will it be clear who will investigate the incident, the police or the CBI or any other agency. Everyone looked the same. ARPITA HAZRA

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