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Police want to be sure about the cause of KK, autopsy on Wednesday morning – News18 Bangla


#SoorJyoti Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata: The cause of death is unclear Therefore, the autopsy of the body of the late artist KK will be done on Wednesday morning Doctors initially believe that KK died of a heart attack However, an autopsy has been decided to ascertain the cause of death, according to police sources

KK’s wife, son and family members will arrive in Kolkata this morning Probably the autopsy process will start by talking to them

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According to what has been known so far, Shilpi 7 has been feeling sick since the show on Nazrul Mancha After reaching the hotel, he vomited It is heard that he fell unconscious However, all these are unconfirmed sources It is learned that the artist died on the way to the hospital As a result, the police think that it is necessary to conduct an autopsy to know the real cause of death

After falling ill, the artist was taken from the hotel to a hospital in Ekbalpur Doctors pronounced the artist dead shortly after he was taken to hospital KK’s body will probably be lying in the hospital tonight

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