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Polio Germ Found In Kolkata Emergency meeting of the municipality


#Kolkata: The central government has claimed that polio has been eradicated from the country. The polio virus has not been found in Kolkata in the last ten years. But in the meantime, frightening news was received.

In 2011, the polio virus was found in the body of a child in Howrah In 2014, India was declared a polio-free country by the World Health Organization But eight years later, the health department’s concerns have been raised again and the polio virus has been found in Kolkata. Anxiety is growing naturally.

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According to the health department, the polio virus was found in the sewage water in the Metiaburuj area. Due to which the health department has increased the surveillance in Metiaburuj area All medical colleges and government hospitals in the state have been warned

Calcutta Municipality concerned over Metiaburuj incident The municipal authorities have directed the councilors and local police stations to find out if there are any polio patients. Besides, Kolkata Municipality is emphasizing on spreading awareness.

The decision has been taken in the emergency meeting of the municipality today. An emergency meeting of health department officials including Kolkata Municipality Mayor Firhad Hakim and Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh was held at the municipality. Shantanu Sen was the health advisor of the municipality. During the meeting, Shantanu Sen mentioned another way to find out the polio virus.

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He fears that such samples could be obtained from the polio vaccine. However, keeping all the instructions in mind, the Calcutta Municipality officials are searching for the way. The municipality is very concerned about the search for a new polio virus.

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