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#Agartala: Rajib Banerjee officially returned to the Trinamool Congress on Sunday holding the hand of Abhishek Banerjee on the ground in Agartala. After losing to the BJP before the Ekushey assembly elections, he increased the distance with the party and increased the speculation. Rajib Bandyopadhyay (Anubrata Kalyan and Anupam On Rajib) returned home.

Trinamool’s Birbhum district president Anubrata Mandal (Anubrata Mandal Kalyan Banerjee and Anupam Hazra On Rajib Banerjee) were overjoyed at the return. He said, ‘It has been good with the rise of good intellect. Anibrata Mandal Kalyan Banerjee and Anupam Hazra On Rajib Banerjee. When I go to a meeting, they talk, they call me good, and I tell them. There is no end to politics. If you go two feet here, you can go ten feet back ‘.

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However, not everyone in the grassroots camp is happy. Trinamool MP Kalyan Banerjee (Anubrata Mandal Kalyan Banerjee and Anupam Hazra On Rajib Banerjee) made explosive remarks about Rajiv Banerjee’s ‘return home’. He said, ‘Mamata Banerjee had said from a meeting in Domjur during the election that Rajiv Banerjee’s money was being traded in Dubai. He even has 3-4 houses in Goriyahat. But I don’t understand why such a top to bottom corrupt person was taken back in the team. ‘

On the other hand, Rajib’s return to the grassroots was mocked by Anupam Hazra (Anubrata Mandal Kalyan Banerjee and Anupam Hazra On Rajib Banerjee), who once left the grassroots and joined the BJP. He said, ‘I could not take the entry even after trying for a long time. Saying that it was not happening in West Bengal, he could have gone to Tripura. I knew it was nothing new.

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He (Anubrata Mandal Kalyan Banerjee and Anupam Hazra On Rajib Banerjee) added, ‘It was time to leave the assembly and cry. Rajib was kept in the team by caressing his son-in-law. However, he has been feeling bad for taking care of the BJP for so long. Downstairs staff annoyed, disgusted with him. The sooner the sin is removed from the party, the better. ‘

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