#Kolkata: Fulco Luchi’s dream in the morning meal can no longer be seen by the working middle class Bengalis. A 500 rupees note is going out as soon as one kg of ghee is brought to Gerastha’s house. Just what! Even if you can boil cumin, Bengali fever is coming! One kg of cumin is no longer used in 200 taka notes. Gerastha’s house is far away, even in a small hostel or mess house, the residents have started crying. The price of Maggie (Price Hike of Grocery in Kolkata) has also increased by 2 rupees. The price of innocent snacks like Bapuji cake has also gone up by 7 rupees! The average field of pocket food is not increasing in Maine, but the price of things (Price Hike of Grocery in Kolkata) is out of reach and is tarnishing the taste of Bengalis.

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However, these groceries (Price Hike of Grocery in Kolkata) did not take much time to go out of reach. Even a month ago, he used to go out with the money in his pocket, but in a month he is not squandering it. The price hike of grocery in Kolkata (Price Hike of Grocery in Kolkata) can be understood by jumping into the market of Jadubabu.

A month ago, it used to cost 180 rupees to buy 1 liter of mustard oil. And now its price is 220 rupees! Thinking of buying Kashmiri chilli powder as a hobby to do a little coloring in cooking? With 800 rupees to buy 1 kg of chilli powder, tears will come to your eyes. If you want to buy poppy, you have to go to the market with 2000 rupees note! Now you have to pay 56 rupees per kg to eat white hot bamboo stick rice with a little care. If you want to increase the price (Price Hike of Grocery in Kolkata), how long will you be able to eat properly in Petpur? The question of how the earners will be able to feed the family with such a high price day after day is now more acute than hunger.

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Take a look at the change in market price in a month

★ Mustard oil 180 to 220 rupees per liter

★ Soybean oil 130 to 180 rupees per liter.

★ 360 to 480 per kg of ghee

★ Sunflower oil 180 to 190 rupees per liter.

★ 500 to 600 rupees per kg of Kashmiri chilli powder.

★ 20 to 28 rupees per kg of wheat.

৩০ 30 to 36 rupees per kg of flour.

★ 240 to 260 rupees per kg of cumin.

★ 100 to 140 rupees per kg of mustard.

১২ 1200 to 2000 rupees per kg of poppy.

★ Lentil pulses 60 to 90 rupees per kg.

★ Maggie packet 12 to 14 rupees.

★ 38 to 48 rupees per kg of rice minikit.

★ Bamboo stick rice 50 to 56 rupees.

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