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#Kolkata: Why are poster prices still out of reach? Some importers are dying thinking that. As 80-85 per cent of the total posters are used in West Bengal (Bangla News), there are several importers in the post area of ​​Kolkata’s big market. Three big importers are raising the price of poster (Poppy seeds Black marketing) by illegally storing their statements.

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It is learned that lately, the conch brand poppy has come down by Rs 50 per kg. However, these are all native (Bangla News) poppy. According to Shyam Sundar Agarwal and Varun Mallick, poster importers in Barabazar, mainly poppy seeds come from Turkey. China also comes from Russia. The top three importers import poppy from abroad.

The government has stopped importing poppy for more than three years. Shyam Sundar Babu claims that the three importers are from Delhi, Bombay and Karnataka. They have stockpiled large quantities of poppy at the Mumbai port. They are leaving the market in small quantities by shaking hands with the officers of the customs department by showing the manipulation of the law in various ways. For which the price of posters in the normal way (Bangla News) is increasing a lot. As a result, poppy seeds black marketing is going on in West Bengal.

And on this occasion some unscrupulous traders are cheating by mixing several things that look like posters with posters. Only three thousand tons of poppy is produced in India. It is not possible to meet the market demand with that poppy. Poppy is a very popular spice for Bengalis. Bengalis are being deprived of that only because of this black market. Such allegations have been made.

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There is very little permission for poppy cultivation in India. A case is pending in the Delhi High Court for import from abroad. That case has not been heard yet. Traders claim that the amount of poppy stored in the port of Mumbai is in the hands of importers. The three big poppy importers of the country are black-marketing the poppy with unnecessary demands of those traders. The government is not taking any action against them.

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