Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: 48 hours after the sinking of the vessel, water pollution has increased the concern of Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Port (Kolkata Port Trust). A section of the Marine Department is worried about the sinking of a vessel with a container. In this situation special arrangements have been made for the 5th berth of Khidirpur Dock. A large portion of the water is surrounded by an oil spill boom barrier Surveillance is being maintained around the sinking vessel to prevent any chemical leakage.

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In addition, the berth has a pump, oil or chemical absorption pad. If in any way it is seen that chemicals are leaking from the ship then they will be used immediately. In addition, special teams have been set up to conduct surveys and rescue operations. The vessel M / v Marine Trust 1 was scheduled to return to Chittagong port after completing its voyage to Khidirpur at 9 am on Thursday. But an investigation is underway into why the ship that Netaji Subhash had planned to sail from suddenly sank within 15 minutes.

According to port sources, 16 20-foot containers have gone straight into the water and 10 40-foot containers are floating on the surface of the water, which has been secured with ropes. All possible measures are being taken to bring the situation under control and reduce the damage to the cargo ship (Vessel M / v Marine Trust 1). Contacting passenger or product terminal operators, salvage operators and insurance companies.

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The video was recorded from another launch near where the crash happened The passengers of the second launch shouted and warned to stop the ship But the last defense did not 6 The situation has already been seen by dipping the diver to know the location of the container The sinking ship is currently under siege. Port authorities are talking to several crew members, including the ship’s sailor. The port authorities have raised concerns that the container should not be swept away by the current. Then the rest of the ship will create problems. Although part of the 5th berth is not used, there is no difficulty in using Khidirpur dock.

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