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Post Mortem Organ Donation: Benazir’s step to poor family, farmer revives his death


Kolkata: The state has witnessed an exceptional, unprecedented event in the midst of the horrors of the omikran of Atimari. In that incident, the family of Suryakanta Mandal, a resident of Boikhola village in Bagda Police Station area of ​​Bangaon, North 24 Parganas, gave new life to several others (Post Mortem Organ Donation). After the brain death of Suryakant Mandal, four people are going to get back new life through his body liver, two kidneys, heart. His eyes and skin are also being donated.

Suryakanta Mandal, 56, a resident of Boikhola village in Bagda police station area of ​​North 24 Parganas Bangaon, was a sharecropper. Last Friday, December 2, he was returning home in a van with bamboo. At that time, he got a serious head injury on the wall. He was first taken to a local hospital He was rushed to SSKM Hospital that night due to his deteriorating condition. He has been undergoing treatment at the Trauma Care Center of SSKM Hospital since that day. He was in a coma since admission As his condition worsened after Sunday evening, doctors said he had died of brain death.

The Salt Lake Health Building’s Brain Death Committee tested apnea and found that brain death had become a struggle. According to the rules, the expert committee finally declared brain death at 8.45 pm. After this, the family members want to donate organs in the atmosphere of final mourning. The Suryakantar family agreed to a quick organ donation.

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After that the matching with the organ recipients started in the wartime activities. The match was completed with the heart of 52-year-old Divyendu Bhattacharya, a resident of Shivpur, Howrah. Suryakanta Babu’s heart was taken from SSKM Hospital in Green Corridor to Narayana Hospital in Howrah Andul on Wednesday afternoon. The doctors gave a new life to Divyendu Bhattacharya by transplanting this heart there.

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Liver and two kidneys were transplanted at SSKM Hospital. The cornea has also been donated to Shankar Netralaya Hospital and the skin has been donated to SSKM Hospital.

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Arpita Roychowdhury, a doctor in the nephrology department at SSKM Hospital and one of the pioneers of the organ donation movement, said, “The way Suryakant Mandal’s family came forward is exemplary. Organ donation in our state is still far behind but awareness has increased over the last several years. If people are more aware, we can give new life to many more people. “

On behalf of Narayana Hospital, Eastern Director R Venkatesh said, “We will be forever grateful to the family of Suryakanta Mandal. In addition, the way all the doctors, nurses, health workers have completed the whole process is commendable. Organ donation is not only necessary, it cannot be a substitute for giving new life to the dying. In the days to come, each of us should go further and inspire others to donate organs. ” The corona of each of them is examined. After examining the corona of 51 people and receiving negative reports, they participated in the whole transplant process. Each recipient’s tax is also tested.

This posthumous organ donation was a shining example in the epileptic phase. Two daughters of Suryakanta Mandal, a poor farmer of the village. One is married, the other is a college student. The unprecedented move of the whole family to save the lives of others despite all the grief proved once again, for the people.

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