#Kolkata: Prabir Ghosal, the BJP candidate from Uttarpara in the last assembly polls, fired a cannon at the Trinamool Congress spokesperson Jago Bangla against the BJP. The BJP candidate wrote an editorial in the mouthpiece of the Trinamool. The headline reads, “There are more people asking for money than working there.”

Incidentally, a video (audio) was recently posted from the Twitter handle of the Trinamool Congress. One lakh rupees was being demanded to become a BJP candidate there. Which has already caused a stir in state politics. Prabir Ghoshal started his political innings in 2016 as the Trinamool MLA of Uttarpara. However, before the 2021 Bengal Assembly vote, the distance with him continued to grow.

He flew to Delhi on the same chartered flight with Rajiv Bandopadhyay and joined the BJP in the presence of Amit Shah. The party nominated him in Uttarpara constituency There, however, he was defeated However, he wrote in an editorial on a grassroots mouthpiece about the kind of experience he had in running for office.

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Trinamool leaders said, “Prabir Ghoshal’s short experience in the BJP is enough to unmask the BJP.” As a result, practice has started with this writing of Prabir Ghoshal. In his writings, Prabir Babu mentions, “In the middle of the vote, I wanted to withdraw from the fight. Twice in a miserable situation I wanted to get out of the polls. One night I even called a press conference. But announcing that it will not contest the polls in the middle of the day could burn the face of the BJP in the entire state. Some BJP leaders rushed to the spot. They practically grabbed my hands and feet and begged, ‘Don’t destroy us so much’. Now it seems that rejecting their request would have been the right thing to do. Because in a directionless political party like the BJP, people like us are definitely out of place! “

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Explaining the reason why it is inconsistent, he said, Explaining the reason for his defeat, he said, “I don’t understand how infernal the inside of the BJP has become. The state has been disgraced. My constituency was no exception. “Now the question is, is Prabir Ghoshal returning to the old party? His short answer was, “Time will tell.”

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