#Kolkata: A few days ago, Madan Mitra was advised not to wear too much make-up at a meeting held for the Bhabanipur by-election. At the same time, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee praised the Kamarhati MLA for being a colorful boy. Mamata Banerjee praises new song by Madan Mitra in Bhabanipur on Friday. Naturally, hearing the praise of the team leader Madan 7 He said in a close circle that he wanted to sing a song composed by Mamata Banerjee as a singer.

On Friday, Mamata Banerjee held an election rally in Ward No. 61 of Kolkata Municipality under Bhabanipore By Poll. Madan Mitra was also present there Because Madan himself is a resident of Bhabanipore In the by-election, party 7 has also given responsibility on his shoulder in Bhabanipur center Mamata called Madan as soon as she got up on the stage According to sources, that’s when he praised his new song “I heard your new song, it’s very good,” the chief minister told Madan.

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A few days ago, Madan Mitra launched his new music video. Despite the appeal of Durga Pujo, Kamarhati MLA 7 actually praised Mamata throughout the song From Bhabanipur to Delhi-Madan, new songs have come up At the same time, BJP has also been defeated Madan also claimed to be a colorful boy in the song The video of Madan Mitra’s new song is already viral Naturally, it did not escape the attention of the Chief Minister

According to Madan’s relatives, singer Madan has become more motivated after receiving praise from the Chief Minister. In a close circle, he said that in the future, if he could sing any song composed by Mamata Banerjee, his singing personality would be selfish. Before the assembly elections, Madan Mitra 6 made his debut with the song Oh Lovely He also praised Mamata throughout that song

A pair of biopics with the Kamrahati MLA is also being made Madan himself has said that he will also act in a biopic He will make his debut on the big screen like a real hero with five hundred bikes

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