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Prashant Kishore On Congress: ‘Leadership is not a right from heaven’, Rahul targets Prashant Kishore! But the face is love?


#NewDelhi: During his visit to Mumbai, Bengal Chief Minister Sojasapta said that the UPA no longer exists. After this remark, the Congress leaders came down with their waists tied. They have decided to fight against Mamata Banerjee (CM Mamata Banerjee) this time. In this situation, Prashant Kishore On Congress is again on the side of Trinamool Supremo. He tweeted directly mocking the Congress. His clear message is, “The ideology and scope of the Congress is essential for strong opposition in all-India politics. But it cannot be the divine right of any individual to lead the Congress.”

In his tweet, Prashant Kishore on Congress wrote that in the last 10 years, the Congress has lost 90 percent of the elections. And for any of their leaders, leadership cannot be a right from heaven. Rather, in a democratic system, there should be a definite wind who is the main opposition.

After this tweet of Prashant Kishore On Congress, political observers think that once again Mamata Banerjee has become the main face in the national politics. Because the Congress-Trinamool Congress alliance that was conceived in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, then the nature of one incident after another was clearing the wind in favor of the alliance. But this time Prashant Kishore, a skilled voter, has raised questions about the role of the Congress and their position.

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Today, Prashant Kishore tweeted, targeting the Congress: But leadership is not a right from heaven for any of their leaders. Especially when the Congress has lost 90 percent of the elections in the last 10 years. Hopefully the opposition leadership will take a democratic decision

Prashant Kishore’s (Prashant Kishore On Congress) tweet clearly shows that there is a Congress in the whole country. But are they able to win the whole country against the BJP? As a result, wherever the Congress is weak, the Trinamool Congress will take the lead. Because leadership cannot be a right from heaven. This tweet of Prashant Kishore is significant in national politics.

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On Wednesday, Mamata Banerjee denied the existence of the UPA in Mumbai. The West Bengal chief minister claimed that the UPA no longer existed From the commercial city, the Chief Minister has been heard to say, if someone spends 6 months abroad, how can he do politics!

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