Primary Teacher Recruitment: Fake call-letter, big fraud cycle active in teacher recruitment! Who’s behind the scenes?

#Kolkata: We need to find out the cycle of fraud in Primary Teacher Recruitment immediately. The primary teachers’ organization of Sarab state in this demand. Besides, the organization is also advising the educated unemployed youth to be careful. The fraudulent cycle is active across the state to tarnish the image of the government. This is what the grassroots-affected teachers’ organization thinks.

Debabrata Saha, president of the state primary teachers’ association, said, “We want the police to find out the ring immediately.” The manner in which a class of unscrupulous clique is misleading educated unemployed youth in exchange for big money is a matter of great concern. The recruitment process is done on the basis of merit. Despite this, a class of young men and women are falling into the trap of temptation and disappearing.

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In the words of the teachers’ union, “We demand that the police should take legal action soon to find out the fraudsters who have become active.” The government never condones fraud. Incidentally, a few days before the appointment of primary teachers, the fraud cycle was exposed. Thirteen job candidates appeared in the office with fake call letters. Fraud comes openly to verify. As soon as he was caught. Incident of South 24 Parganas Primary Education Parliament. South 24 Parganas District Primary School Parliament Office in Baliganj.

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Last Monday, there was a scandal in the recruitment of primary teachers. On that day, 13 job candidates who passed TET in 2014 reached the office. Counseling call letter in the hands of 13 candidates. Everyone came to the district primary school parliament office in Baliganj from the morning with the call letter received through email. After checking all the documents, the parliament informed that it was a fake call letter. A complaint was lodged at Goriyahat police station on behalf of the chairman of the primary school parliament, seeking an inquiry into who or what did such acts. Kolkata Police has started investigation immediately after receiving the complaint. Kolkata Police is also enlisting the help of cyber experts to get information about the email ID from which the fake counseling letter was sent.

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