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Priyanka Tibrewal | Babul Supriyo: Not physically, Priyanka Tibrewal in the battle of Bhabanipur with ‘Bardar Chhaya’!


#Kolkata: Priyanka Tibrewal, the BJP candidate in the Bhabanipur by-election, came to the Gerua camp as his lawyer. He is happy with Priyanka’s rise, he also greeted her on the phone, but Babul Supriyo does not want to return to the arena of politics. It is learned that Priyanka had called Babul after her name was announced as a candidate in Bhabanipur by-election. He also requested to come to the campaign. But according to sources, Babul did not agree to come to the campaign even though he wished. Babul also greeted Priyanka on social media.

Incidentally, Priyanka has been Babul Supriya’s legal advisor since 2014. This time Priyanka had requested Babul to come to Bhabanipur for publicity on the basis of personal identity However, the MP of Asansol also returned that request Babul made it clear that since he was no longer involved in any party politics, he could not campaign in Bhabanipur.

However, Priyanka has taken a tactical position in this regard. Priyanka has been campaigning since Sunday morning. When Priyanka was asked about Babul in that space, she said, ‘Babul is my big photo. He is always with me. Wherever I go, I’m sure he’s with me. ‘ In other words, Priyanka has made it clear that she is not paying special attention to Babul’s ‘lack’.

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BJP state president Dilip Ghosh also joined the campaign with Priyanka on the day. The two also joined hands in writing on the wall. However, before coming to Bhabanipur, Dilip made significant remarks about Babul Supriya in Eco Park. As soon as the issue of Babul’s preaching came up, he said, ‘He (Babul) told you all this, he did not tell us. Our party runs on a system. The party will talk to everyone according to the advantages and disadvantages. He will also give work to everyone. ‘ However, the BJP state president has made it clear that the central leadership will not contest the Bhabanipur by-election. “Central leadership does not come in by-elections,” he said.

However, Babals’ close quarters claim that the Asansol MP will not back down from his position. Even without permission, his name has been printed in the list of star preachers Babul Supriya 7 has also expressed anger in the close quarters over the issue Incidentally, Babul Supriya was at number eight on the BJP’s list of star campaigners for Bhabanipur. But he is not going to be shaken from his position, he is unwilling to even respond to Priyanka’s call.

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