Priyanka Tibrewal | Bhabanipur | Priyanka is puzzled, spreading propaganda secretly, why this strategy, Dilip Ghosh leaked

#Kolkata: Priyanka Tibrewal, the BJP candidate from Bhabanipur, was campaigning on the morning of Bishwakarma Pujo. There were similar preparations in the media. Suddenly Priyanka informed that the program was canceled. In the afternoon, while talking about why Priyanka abruptly canceled the program, Priyanka again informed herself that the program was partially done. He has left certain programs behind the scenes. Priyanka told the media that she personally went to some places to campaign. Naturally the question is, why didn’t Priyanka call the media, why did she silently spread the word? Dilip Ghosh grabbed the bat when the mystery was deepening.

On this day, Dilip Ghosh explained the secret campaign in Eban Park in Bhabanipur. He said secret propaganda means workers go home. Promote housing. He alleged that grassroots activists came and threatened him when the matter came to light.

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Dilip Ghosh said that many BJP activists are secretly campaigning from house to house. Before the vote, the Trinamool had gone to many Hindi-speaking and non-Bengali houses and persecuted them. The car was vandalized. We don’t want that anymore. This step of BJP is to avoid that. He said that various plans are being made for this. In general they are communicating with ordinary people.

Earlier, BJP’s lawyer candidate Priyanka had earlier gone to grassroots activists to seek votes. According to sources, he went to the house of Asim Ghosh, a Trinamool councilor of Ward No. 60, to seek votes. Asimbabu was not at home at that time. Priyanka came to his wife asking for votes.

Again, Priyanka was embarrassed when she went to a grassroots activist named Debabrata Roy to seek votes. Debabrata, in an argument with Priyanka, said that according to the NCRB report, the city of Kolkata was safe to give Mamata Banerjee a certificate of administrative competence.

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