Priyanka Tibrewal | Bhowanipore Bypoll: Exclusive: ‘I will win if people can vote’, Priyanka Tibrewal is fighting from ‘Nanibari’!

Priyanka against Mamta

Priyanka Tibrewal | Bhowanipore Bypoll: Gerua Shibir sent Kolkata High Court lawyer Priyanka Tibrewal to fight against Mamata Banerjee.

#Kolkata: In the end, the BJP announced its candidate against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in the Bhabanipur by-election. In that constituency, Padma Shibir nominated BJP’s state youth leader Priyanka Tibrewal. The BJP had also fielded Priyanka from the Antali constituency in the last assembly elections, but she lost to Trinamool’s Swarnakamal Saha by a huge margin. But even then, Gerua Shibir sent Kolkata High Court lawyer Priyanka to fight against Mamata Banerjee. That Priyanka Tibrewal spoke to News18Bangla. Although Priyanka gave this interview before the official announcement of the candidate. Do you think the team will give you a ticket to Bhabanipur? What is the reason behind making you a candidate?
Priyanka: I never told the team for a ticket, I never thought the team would give me a ticket. It is the decision of the high command of the party. I am grateful to them. I will try my best. The top leadership of the party thinks, I am the worthy face to fight against the Chief Minister. They’ve seen how connected people are to me, and that’s probably why I’ve been given this responsibility. Fighting against Mamata Banerjee in Bhabanipur is a big challenge. How to handle, have some plans?
Priyanka: The big challenge? At least not to me. I have already taken Mamata Banerjee to court. I proved him wrong there with post-election violence. This is the second time I will challenge him. I was born in Bhabanipur, I know every road in that area. This is my ‘grandmother’s house’. Do you think this is your reward for fighting post-election violence?
Priyanka: This is not a game for me. I have stood up for the democracy of Bengal. I think, ‘Humanity needs to survive.’ No one voted for you, which means you can’t kill or rape anyone. I condemn this trend. So I stood by people’s fight. Whether I win or lose, I will always be vocal for people. In Bhabanipur, the Congress did not field a candidate. What do you think made your fight more difficult?
Priyanka: Congress does not exist. You see, how many votes they got here. The Congress and the Left are out of the fray. Why would people vote for you without voting for Mamata Banerjee?
Priyanka: I believe, if there is a fair election, if people are allowed to vote as they wish, I will win. I understand the pulse of man. Mamata Banerjee has forcibly evicted people from their homes. When people are being evicted, girls are being raped, he was silent. I’ve been vocal about getting people home. What will be your promotion strategy?
Priyanka: I will go door-to-door with people. I will talk to people about underdevelopment. You can buy a vote for 500 rupees, but people need more than 500 rupees for overall development. I make people aware of this government. Do you think the leaders of Delhi will come and campaign for you?
Priyanka: It is a matter of leadership. Trinamool has star campaigners like Kunal Ghosh. The prisoners who have come to work are their preachers. BJP has insulted mother Durga, what will you say about this allegation of Trinamool?
Priyanka: Mother Durga is far away from them. They cannot save people. Soon people will have to answer to them.

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