Priyanka Tibrewal Lost in Bhabanipur By Poll: 57 Thousand! Priyanka Tibrewal’s number that did not lag behind in Bhabanipur …

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee won the Bhabanipur By-Election by a huge margin. Her party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats. However, on May 5, the Trinamool leader was sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state. However, after taking the oath, Mamata’s term was ending on November 4. Earlier, the Election Commission had announced the day of by-elections. After that Mamata became a candidate in her old center Bhabanipur. Against him were BJP candidates Priyanka Tibrewal and CPM candidate Sreejib Biswas. Voting ends on September 30. Mamata Banerjee defeated BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal by a margin of 56,835 votes. And after this result, Priyanka Tibrewal’s 56 thousand ‘knots’ are being practiced in the political arena.

Incidentally, the BJP had fielded Priyanka Tibrewal from Antalya in the last assembly elections. But in that constituency too, Priyanka Tibrewal, the BJP candidate, lost to Trinamool candidate Swarnakamal Saha by 56,256 votes. After that, Priyanka came to practice fighting for the BJP in the post-poll violence case. In the Bhabanipur by-election, therefore, the ‘fighting’ Priyanka was sent by Gerua Shibir to fight against Mamata Banerjee. But after the results came out on that day, it was seen that Priyanka also lost to the Trinamool leader by 56,835 votes. In other words, Priyanka Tibrewal did not leave behind 56 thousand geros at all.

However, after the results were announced, Priyanka claimed, “Even if the team loses, I will be the man of the match in the Bhabanipur election.” Because despite standing against the immense power of Mamata Banerjee, I got more than 25,000 votes. I will continue my work. However, the BJP candidate admitted that the reason for his defeat was the BJP’s organizational weakness.

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In his words, ‘I admit, there was a weakness in the organization of our party in Bhabanipur. We did not have the organizational strength needed to win the vote. A leader never wins an election, a leader never loses an election. Organization to win or lose. ‘ However, while congratulating Mamata Banerjee for the victory, Priyanka still accuses the Trinamool of rigging. However, after all, Priyanka Tibrewal’s 56 thousand knots are still in practice!

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