#Kolkata: One is a former BJP member and the other is a current one Mamata Banerjee was one of the first generals in Bhabanipur And the second person is Mamata’s rival Asim Basu, Trinamool Coordinator of Ward No. 60, and BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal met at TMC Leader in Bhabanipur on Wednesday morning. On the way, the two of them showed courtesy and smiled, but after a few moments, they fired at each other.

Priyanka Tibrewal went out to campaign in Bhabanipur By Election this morning. At that time Asim Basu was riding his bike on that road He is better known as Babai in the area That’s when the two of them met face to face

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Asim Basu was in the BJP before joining the Trinamool Even before that, he was in the Congress Priyanka Tibrewal and Asim Basu are formerly known for doing BJP He won the Kolkata municipal election on a BJP ticket Later he changed his party and came to the grassroots However, the Trinamool leader and the BJP candidate showed courtesy to each other in a face-to-face meeting on the day. Asim Basu stopped the bike after seeing Priyanka Tibrewal Laughing, Priyanka exchanged greetings with him

But minutes later, Priyanka Tibrewal told reporters, “Babaida was in the BJP before. So I already know He joined the grassroots to earn money by winning the BJP ticket Find out what people think of someone who changes clothes like a party. ‘

Asim Basu also did not go less Regarding the BJP candidate, he said, “People want to know when petrol and diesel prices will come down. The rise in petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices has raised eyebrows across the country. Even after this, I don’t know which face is coming to ask for votes He has come to visit Bhabanipur and will leave when the tour is over.

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