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Priyanka Tibrewal on Babul Supriyo | ‘Don’t campaign against sister …’, Priyanka desperate to handle Babul push in Bhabanipur


#Kolkata: He was known in the Gerua camp as Babul Supriya’s lawyer. Babul joined the BJP after becoming a minister. That Babul is a defector today. The donation made by the Trinamool Chess Board before the Bhabanipur election can be called a blow to the blacksmith instead of a knock on the door. Priyanka Tibrewal on Babul Supriyo finally opened her mouth today after breaking the long hours of silence with the climax. He wants to hold the election with the relationship in mind.

“I don’t think Babul will campaign against her sister,” Priyanka said during a campaign rally in Bhabanipur today. In other words, Priyanka Tibrewal is putting forward her personal relationship, not her political intentions, because of the relationship that Babul Supriya once brought her into politics.

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This time, after Priyanka stood for the vote, Babul Supriya greeted her. There, he said, he once encouraged private lawyers to enter politics. Until then, of course, Babul was disgusted with the team. But the relentless BJP did not want to leave Babul completely. The BJP had named Babul as a star campaigner in view of his relationship with Priyanka. But Babul did not show interest. However, no one could have imagined that indifference is an indicator of grassroots movement. Babul did not bring dirt on his personal affairs. There was no envy in the greetings.

So today, at his farewell, Priyanka is putting that relationship in front. But will it get wet? Keeping Babul’s foot in Bhabanipur means that the BJP’s voting process has faded, many politicians will agree. Will Babylon do that? Babul’s argument is that no one likes Mamata Banerjee. He alone is a hundred. But he also said that he would go to Bhabanipur if the party said so. On the other hand, Priyanka says, I don’t think Babul Supriya will come. Let’s see how many things happen in my mind

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