Priyanka Tibrewal on EC notice | Priyanka’s remarks are the next step in the grassroots movement.

#Kolkata: Priyanka Tibrewal, a BJP candidate from Bhabanipur, made 100 pies, 150 readings and 200 such comments. The commentary is the Bhabanipur campaign on Thursday. Priyanka’s remarks in the wake of the commission’s letter on the Kovid breach have caused a stir in the political arena. The Trinamool (TMC) is targeting this comment. Saying this, it is clear from this point of view from which point of view BJP looks at the commission.

Trinamool state secretary Kunal Ghosh says he sees the party leadership. This incident is a complete disgrace to the Commission. If there is a backbone of the commission, it will take action In fact, there is a thing called spine. See Suyomoto. The word you are saying means the state of the central organization

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Arrogance is being expressed in his words, he thinks that the Minister of Agriculture Shobhandev Chattopadhyay, who was a loyal soldier of Mamata Banerjee who won the battle from Bhabanipur a few days ago. In his words, with extreme arrogance, we have also criticized the commission many times. I also said about the eight-point vote But he never did that I will inform Subrata Bokshi. The party should inform the commission. Of course, it will be brought to the notice of the EC

A few days ago, Priyanka lodged a complaint with the Trinamool Commission ahead of the nomination day. The complaint alleges that the rules of the commission were violated while submitting nominations. Priyanka went to submit nominations with a large number of people despite the commission limiting the population, that was the allegation. The commission sent a notice seeking Priyanka’s reply. Priyanka told the counter media that she did not break the rules in any way.

His argument was that when the crowd gathered outside the street, why didn’t the police evacuate the crowd? He further said that only Shuvendu Adhikari was in his car that day. Arjun Singh and Dinesh Trivedi reached the commission office in another vehicle. Priyanka meant that she was not responsible for any other vehicle.

Then today Priyanka batted one step further. The grassroots will revolve around this comment tomorrow, the political circles think.

Input-Abir Ghoshal

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