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Priyanka Tibrewal on Kolkata Police | BJP candidate scolds police in Priyanka’s campaign in Bhabanipur


#Kolkata: The commission asked him for an answer. It has to be said why Priyanka Tibrewal, a BJP candidate from Bhabanipur, broke the rules on the day of nomination. Before replying to the letter, Priyanka blamed the white-clad police for the crowd (Priyanka Tibrewal on Kolkata Police |). During the Thursday morning campaign in Bhabanipur, he was seen arguing with the police. His argument is that the seemingly empty propaganda campaign looks huge because the police are increasing the crowd in white.

This morning, when Priyanka Tibrewal was campaigning in Rammohun Dutt Lane, Ward 60, Bhabanipur By Election, her bodyguard and initially BJP activists were with her. Suddenly Priyanka Tibrewal approached the white-clad policeman. Priyanka alleged that more than 15 white-clad Kolkata police were involved in her campaign. A huge crowd is showing it on the cameras of different media. He also alleged that a gathering was being held against him at the Election Commission over the photo. At that time he forbade the policemen to come there.

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The policeman who was there told Paltan that he was doing his duty. The police personnel started arguing with Priyanka over this. Priyanka said that if you want to come, you have to come in police uniform, so that it is understood that they are police personnel.

Lawyer Priyanka has been selectively seeking votes from grassroots activists since this morning. She first went to Chandan Mukherjee. She is a Trinamool Congress activist and a long-time activist. Priyanka Tibrewal also got into an argument with him. Debabrata said against the allegations of murder and rape against Priyanka’s state government, the city of Kolkata is safe as per the NCRB report. There was a moment of debate about this.

He then went to the house of Asim Ghosh, a Trinamool councilor in Ward 60, to seek votes. Although Asimbabu was not at home at that time, he came to his wife to ask for votes. On the whole, Priyanka Tibrewal has been busy in ward number 60 since morning.

Note that the BJP has sent a letter to the Returning Officer of Bhabanipur Center against the Kolkata Police. In the letter, it was alleged that the police were monitoring the movements of Priyanka Chopra in civil dress.

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