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Property riots, quarrels with brother reached bloodshed!


Sushovan Bhattacharya, Kolkata: Argument with the brother reached the bloody kande! Neighbors were surprised to see the incident of Khasanbish family in Dimpatti area of ​​Muchipara on Sunday. At around 10:30 in the morning, a local resident saw Priyanka Pal, the eldest daughter of the Khasanbish family, running out of the house in fear. Neighbors all come running and want to know about the incident from Priyanka (Crime News).

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Neighbors Priyanka Pal said that her younger brother Sayak Khasanbish was having daily quarrels with her uncle Anirban Khasanbish. He beats his father on Saturday night, and as soon as he heard that over the phone, he came to hear about the incident. As soon as the issue of property came up, her grandfather Anirban started arguing with Saik. However, Sayak Khasanbish became so violent that he hit Dada Anirban hard with a sharp knife kept in the house. Fearing for his life, Anirban ran from the lower room to the upper room and again his body was hit in various places with a sharp knife. The elder brother Anirban survived by closing the toilet door.

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In the incident, the neighbors entered the house, disarmed Sayak and locked him in the house and informed the Muchipara police station. When the injured Anirban Khasanbish was admitted to Nilratan Sarkar Medical College and Hospital, the doctors saw him, meanwhile the police of Muchipara Police Station came and arrested Sayak Khasanbish. Muchipara police investigating officer collected several samples from the spot and recorded Priyanka Pal’s statement. Sayip was arrested by Muchipara police, who asked him if the police wanted to know whether it was property or some other reason behind the incident. Muchipara police are talking to locals trying to find out the root cause of the incident. According to local residents, the dispute over property has been going on for almost ten years and on Sunday it reached its climax.

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