Protest for Petrol Diesel Price Hike: The protest did not take place in the whole country.

#Kolkata: Petrol-Diesel Price is not decreasing at all. Rather, it is reaching record prices every day. Petrol and diesel prices were also hiked on Thursday by state-owned oil companies Petrol price in Kolkata has risen to a record 106.6 rupees. And this is the first time that diesel per liter in Kolkata has touched the door of the century. On this day, the price of diesel in Kolkata has increased to 100.14 rupees. And in protest of this price increase, a fancy scene was seen in Calcutta. On Thursday, CITU staged a fancy protest at Rasbihari in South Kolkata.

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App Cab Ola, Uber drivers, as well as some app cab bike riders joined the protest. They eat salt and rice sitting in the street. They complained that the way the price of petrol and diesel is going up, it is becoming impossible for them to eat salt and rice. Even the people of the world are now worried about giving up food.

Incidentally, last Sunday morning, a section of bus drivers and workers appeared near Mohammad Ali Park in central Kolkata to protest against the increase in petrol and diesel prices. They showed up with a bus. They don’t run the bus, but pull the rope. However, not only bus drivers, but also taxi and auto drivers joined the protest.

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This is not the end, they dragged the bus with a rope and also made sweets in protest. The bus owners and drivers complained that the increase in petrol and diesel prices was due to the anti-people policy of the central government. So in Muralidhar Sen Lane, Kolkata, in front of the state BJP headquarters, they protested in this fancy way. This is not the first time, however, that in July, bus owners and bus workers in the Taki and Itinda Ichhamati boat ghat areas protested by pulling buses with ropes for the same reason.

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