Protest on Petrol Diesel Price Hike: Agun Petrol-Diesel, Kolkata Do you know about this fancy protest? Great surprise …

#Kolkata: Petrol-Diesel Price is not decreasing at all. In Kolkata, the price of petrol (Petrol Price) has risen to a record 106 rupees 11 paise. And in Kolkata, the price of diesel per liter has increased to 99 rupees 43 paise. However, Diesel has already crossed the century mark in several districts of West Bengal. And in protest of this price increase, a fancy scene was seen in Calcutta. On Sunday morning, a group of bus drivers and workers appeared near Mohammad Ali Park in central Kolkata with a bus. They did not drive the bus, but pulled it with a rope. However, not only bus drivers, but also taxi and auto drivers joined the protest.

This is not the end, they dragged the bus with a rope and also made it sweet. They complained that the increase in petrol and diesel prices was due to the anti-people policy of the central government. So in Muralidhar Sen Lane, in front of the state BJP headquarters, they protested in this fancy way. This is not the first time, however, that in July, bus owners and workers of Taki and Itinda Ichhamati Boat Ghats protested by pulling buses with ropes for the same reason.

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Incidentally, in Bengal, petrol and diesel are more expensive in different districts than Kolkata. Such as Jhargram. The price of petrol is 107 rupees 94 paise per liter and diesel is 100 rupees 18 paise per liter. It is more in Purulia. The price of petrol is 109 rupees 24 paise per liter and diesel is 100 rupees 48 paise. The price is much higher in Darjeeling. Petrol is being sold at Tk 109.84 per liter and diesel in the hills at Tk 100.84 per liter. Almost the same picture in Alipurduar. The price of petrol is 109 rupees 29 paise per liter and the price of diesel is 100 rupees 52 paise per liter. In Kochbihar, another district in North Bengal, petrol is selling at Tk 109.16 per liter, while diesel has crossed the century mark. The price per liter is 100 rupees 40 paise. That picture is also in Nadia district of South Bengal. Petrol is being sold at Tk 109.28 per liter and diesel at Tk 100.49 per liter. In Murshidabad, petrol is 109 rupees 9 paise per liter and diesel is 100 rupees 33 paise per liter. South Dinajpur is also not behind. Diesel prices have crossed the century there.

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The general public has lost their temper due to natural causes. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. The ruling Trinamool Congress also took to the streets on Sunday to protest against the hike in petrol and diesel prices. Trinamool activists led by Kunal Ghosh, general secretary of the Trinamool state, staged a protest on Sukia Street in North Kolkata on Sunday. The central government was heavily criticized there. On the other hand, the Congress has also taken action. From November 14, the Congress will hold demonstrations in every district of the country to protest against the increase in petrol and diesel prices. An important meeting has been called next Tuesday with all the general secretaries of the party and the provincial presidents on behalf of the top leadership of the Congress.

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