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#Kolkata: Mother in the campaign with her daughter. The mother is a minister of state and the daughter is a candidate for the Calcutta municipality. Shashi Panja (Puja Panja | Kolkata Municipal Election 2021) in the field of campaigning for the Trinamool candidate of ward number eight Puja Panja. Ever go door to door preaching. Sometimes public relations sitting in the tea shop again. Shashi Panja (Puja Panja | Kolkata Municipal Election 2021) was seen walking around the ward with a microphone in her hand, asking her to vote for her daughter.

However, Minister Shashi Panja is reluctant to accept her as her daughter has entered active politics this time. In the words of the minister, ‘She is my daughter. However, the candidate is Mamata Banerjee. Shashi Panja (Puja Panja | Kolkata Municipal Election 2021). Growing up in the arena of politics from a young age. However, in active politics, worship has never been seen like that. And this time in the field of absolutely active politics. But of course his mother Shashi Panjai to Pooja Panja, a politics teacher, said Pooja. The Trinamool Congress has fielded the children of many leaders and ministers in the upcoming Kolkata municipal elections. The list includes Sourav Basu, son of state minister Chandrima Bhattacharya, and Sandipan Saha, son of Swarnakamal Saha. His son and daughter along with Tarak Singh also got tickets. Puja Panja, the daughter of Shashi Panja, is the new face in that list.

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Shashi Panja has actively participated in many elections in the past. Daughter Puja used to extend a helping hand in those elections by hiding her mother in various ways. And this time mother Shashi Panja is directly involved in the campaign for her daughter. What is the advantage? Puja replies, ‘Of course. There is a price for the experience of fighting for the mother’s vote. I am taking politics lessons from my mother every moment. And at the same time I am participating in the campaign day and night thinking that this time I will be involved along with my mother in the development work of Mamata Didi ‘. Convinced about the victory, Pooja said, ‘I stood by people’s happiness and sorrow. I will stay in the next day too ‘.

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Girl on the election field. Tension? Minister Shashi Panja paused to answer the question. At the end he said, ‘I stay by the side of people all year round. I believe that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s candidate Puja will get the support of the people. The mother and daughter were seen lying on the ground in Kumartuli and adjoining areas for a long time during the Sunday campaign. Pooja also heard complaints of lack of people in the midst of the campaign with her mother and party workers and supporters. Just don’t listen. On this day, it was seen that Pooja Panja tried to find a way to solve those problems by consulting her mother Shashi Panja by writing a formal complaint.

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