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Pujo will go on holiday in the mountains! Do you know the status of the train ticket? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Sixth, Seventh ‘No Room’ of Darjeeling, Infantry, Kamrup. Confirm booking is also not available in Kanchenjunga and Saraighat. Confirm tickets do not match in Upasana and Dun Express Slipper and Three AC. This is the condition of trains going to North Bengal and North India from the beginning of Pujo booking. Eastern Railway earns income by selling tickets after overcoming recession. In the summer holidays, the income in the month of ‘May’ is 252 crore 25 lakh rupees. Earlier, the record income was in May 2016. Eastern Railway’s revenue was 211 crore 74 lakh rupees. A record number of passengers have risen over the Covid recession. Last May, 38 lakh 70 thousand passengers were transported. Earlier in May 2016, 22 lakh 70 thousand passengers were transported. According to the Commercial Department of Eastern Railway, they have added 440 additional coaches in May. They have run about 100 special trains.

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Currently the list of ticket bookings available on the ninth day of the Pujo booking is: Infantry – Slipper 331, Three AC 236, 2 AC 99, Darjeeling – Slipper 369, Three AC 256, 2 AC 99, Kanchenjunga – Slipper 100 Slip, Slipper 185: , Three AC 225, Upasana – Slipper 294, Three AC – 216, Dun – Slipper 200, Three AC – 6 No room has already been made for the sixth, seventh and eighth tickets. Darjeeling, 6 on a train like Kamrup No room is the ability to give up to the ticket waiting list for each class.

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When is the no room of any class? Slipper – 400, Two AC – 100, Three AC – 300, Executive AC – 30, so far the waiting is given. Eklavya Chakraborty, chief public relations officer of Eastern Railway, said that all the tickets were sold out to open the booking. Due to Kovid, the last two years have not seen such a crowd This time it is an exception. Hopefully we will run a lot of special trains this time as well as other times.

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