#Kolkata: Why is it so late to recover the stolen Nobel Prize of Rabindranath Tagore? This time the Trinamool Congress is vocal about why it has to wait for 17 long years. The question of the ruling party of Bengal is how many more years will have to wait for the Nobel The Trinamool Congress wanted to know at what stage the investigation into the Nobel theft was.

Kunal Ghosh, state general secretary of the Trinamool Congress, said they would not be able to recover the Nobel Peace Prize unless the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) could do so. Then the state police will still try. Jora Phul Shibir is talking about why the CBI is not opening its mouth on this issue yet. The state government is assisting all the cases being investigated by the CBI under the direction of the court. The Trinamool Congress is now vocal about the cases that the CBI has failed to investigate.

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However, the BJP is retaliating against the grassroots for stealing the Nobel. BJP leader Rahul Sinha has questioned the goodwill of the state. However, Kunal Ghosh complained, “Rahul Sinha is a mobile loser. His record in that series of defeats. His words do not match the reality. It is natural. He did not cooperate কে who is there? He is saying all this. Those who say Rose wants CBI, want CBI ৷ Now if people of Bengal say want Nobel, want Nobel কি then what will he do? Why he was not rescued in 16 years. “Who will answer his words. If you make a political allegation, it is nonsense. There is no mention in the CBI report. He keeps on saying nonsense. He loses in turn. He is saying from mental exhaustion.”

On March 25, 2004, it was reported that Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel had been stolen from Santiniketan. In addition to the Nobel, several other items were stolen. The CBI probe was ordered a week after the Nobel theft. In August 2006, the CBI announced that it would close the investigation The state government has said it wants to investigate the theft of the Nobel Prize in 2015. All in all, even after 16 years, the elusive Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel.


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