Railway: This train will run in Sealdah division this time! What’s up?

#Kolkata: This time the real Indian Railways with new coaches to increase the comfort of passenger transport. It has been decided that this memo set made in Kapurthala will be run in Howrah-Sealdah-Asansol division tomorrow. Step by step South Eastern Railway is also going to use this memo set. A rack was first brought to Sealdah after the first Memu train set was made in Kapurthala, Punjab.

In the new year, Eastern Railway plans to run this memo set on Barakpur-Ranaghat-Lalgola section. This train set has multiple arrangements for passenger comfort. Among the coaches, cushioned seats, bio toilets, CCTV in each coach for protection. Four CCTVs will be able to send live feeds from each coach to the control room. The passenger information system has multiple arrangements. At present, the most important thing in passenger transport is the security system.

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When the passenger train is moving, the train will stop automatically in case of any accident. The speed of the train running at a maximum speed of 110 kmph will be reduced automatically. This train set is made entirely of stainless steel. It has compatible glass doors. The electric control system is made entirely in the Netherlands. The driver’s coach has a data recorder box. Here all the data will be recorded every second. The driver’s cabin is fully AC. According to the railway officials, all arrangements have been made for the safety of the passengers in this train set.

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The train looks exactly like the rack of Kolkata Metro. Thirty percent of passengers will be able to ride more, which is very necessary at present. However, even if more passengers get up, the seating and standing space is quite spacious. This 11-room state-of-the-art technology rack will now run with all the safety armor for the passengers. This time the train made this local train set with sophisticated coaches to avoid the crowd. More than 30 percent passengers will be able to board this train. This train will start running in the new year.

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