Rain may occur in weekend Winter is coming to an end on Wednesday, this time winter is coming to bite in the state – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The state has been changing since Wednesday. The weather office has made it clear that the prevailing wind will increase. The north wind will decrease. Water vapor will enter the Pubali air from the Bay of Bengal. Cloudy skies will increase night temperatures in coastal and adjoining districts. Slight chance of light rain in coastal districts by weekend Saturday.

For the time being, there is a hint of winter in the state for two more days, courtesy of the north wind. The minimum temperature in Kolkata rose to 16.9 degrees Celsius. Purulia and Sriniketan entered the 14 degree house. There is a danger of creating another depression in the Bay of Bengal. Water vapor will enter the Pubali air. Cloudy skies are likely to increase in coastal districts.

Today the temperature in the district is 14-16 degrees Celsius. Mercury in Sriniketan and Purulia was at 14 degrees. The weather office says that the autumn weather will prevail all over Bengal till Wednesday. As the night temperature is below normal, it looks like winter. Very early in the morning there is a slight fog somewhere. At night and in the morning there is a feeling of winter. The western districts will feel more like winter. The winter mood of the morning increased a little more. Such a situation will remain for the next few days. The situation has changed since Wednesday.

The night temperature in Darjeeling is now 8 degrees Celsius. There is no possibility of rain in North Bengal. Dry and cool weather. In the next few days the night temperature will decrease a bit. The winter mood will increase a bit and the fog will increase in the morning.

Clear skies in Kolkata. Record night temperature. 2 degrees below normal. Nice atmosphere in the morning. This will be the environment for the next 2 days.

The minimum temperature on Tuesday morning was 16.9 degrees Celsius. Which is 2 degrees lower than normal. The maximum temperature yesterday afternoon was 30.6 degrees Celsius. Normal. The relative humidity in the air is 42 to 93 percent. It did not rain in Kolkata today.

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However, there is a risk of a new depression in the Bay of Bengal. A cyclone is located on the coast of Sumatra in the southeastern Bay of Bengal. In the next 24 hours, this cyclone will turn into a depression. It could reach the Tamil Nadu coast on Thursday morning. Although not directly affected, indirect effects can cause a lot of water vapor to enter the state.

The weather is likely to change in the coastal districts of South Bengal by the end of next week. Rim temperatures could rise in coastal and coastal districts after Wednesday. Chance of light rain on Saturday-Sunday in coastal districts.

The depression formed in the southeastern Bay of Bengal is located in the east-central Arabian Sea. It will gradually lose strength. There is also an axis along the coast of Tamil Nadu.

Rainfall in southern Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, due to low pressure and northeast monsoon. The next few days will see heavy rains in South India’s Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Karaikal and Kerala. From Wednesday, the newly formed low pressure will increase rainfall in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and later in the southern Indian states, including Kerala.

In the next few days, the temperature in North West India and adjoining areas of Madhya Pradesh will drop by two to three degrees. From Wednesday onwards, the night temperature in eastern India and our state will increase by two to three degrees.

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