#Kolkata: The CBI’s position in the Rampurhat Violence public interest case caused controversy. The confusion has arisen around the two questions of Additional Solicitor General and Assistant Solicitor General. Contradictory questions from CBI lawyers.

The CBI has submitted a preliminary report to the court in the Rampurhat self-motivated public interest case. The plaintiffs have demanded a CBI probe into the murder of Vadu Sheikh. Several days have passed since the investigation took place. People have been walking in and around Vadhu Sheikh’s house, most of the evidence has been destroyed. According to the source, the SSG told the court that the CBI did not want to investigate the murder of Vadu Sheikh on its own. However, if the court orders, we will take charge of the investigation. “On the other hand, the Assistant Solicitor General told the court,” We have used tower dumping technology in the investigation of this case. A lot of new information has come to the fore, the report has it. Let the court look into it. “

It is to be noted that in only one of the FIRs in the Rampurhat incident, there was a petition to hand over the case of Vadu Sheikh to the CBI. Police are investigating the case. From day one, no public interest litigation had called for a CBI probe into Vadu Sheikh’s murder.

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The Advocate General told the court, “If the CBI investigation report indicates that there is a link between Vadu Sheikh’s murder and the Bogtui fire, then the court should consider him.” If there is nothing in the CBI report, then the state has objections to the CBI’s directive to investigate the murder of Vadu Sheikh. So there is no need to give it to CBI.

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The court wants to know from that source, who is investigating the incident of Vadu Sheikh? Following the hearing of the case, the court has stayed the verdict.

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