Ranu Mondal trolled for her viral rendition of Manike Mage Hithe Song rc, Ranu Mondal

#Kolkata: On the one hand, there is a lot of noise about the viral song ‘Manike Mage Hithe’. Ranu Mondal (Manike Mage Hithe) once again made headlines by singing that song on him. And Ranu Mondal’s version of ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ has also caught the attention of Netpara residents (Ranu Mondal | Manike Mage Hithe). There is no one in Sri Lanka who has never heard of Sri Lankan singer Yohani de Silver singing ‘Manike Maghe Heethe’. Along with that, the recently sung version of Ranu Mandal has also gone viral on social media. However, netizens have criticized Ranu’s song.

Sitting at the Ranaghat railway station, Ranu Mandal took the internet by storm by singing ‘Ek Peer Ka Nagma Hai’. Popular Bollywood composer Himesh Reshammiya has also worked with him since he was invited as a guest on the screens of various reality shows. Ranu’s song caught the eye of many people in an instant. However, sarcasm and criticism about Ranu never stopped. As it did not stop this time. Listening to Yohani’s song ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ in Ranu’s voice, Netizens said, ‘Blood is dripping from my ears’.

A video has recently been shared on social media. Ranu Mondal was seen singing ‘Manike Mage Heathe’ wearing a red T-shirt. He is always seen wearing a torn nightie and a towel. But he is wearing a red T-shirt in this video. And continues to sing in his own rhythm, “Manike Mage Heathe”. He now lives in his broken house in Ranaghat. A small light shone in his room. Now no one is looking. Money from Bollywood is all over. Again the beggar Ranu Mandal of that path. The books made with him are in disarray. But the good news is that a movie is being made about Ranu.

Troll in Ranu's song. Troll in Ranu’s song.

Troll in Ranu's song. Troll in Ranu’s song.

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The positive discussion that has started on the internet about Yohani’s songs, however, has turned out to be quite the opposite with Ranu’s songs. However, Ranu did not sing the wrong song anywhere. Instead, he edited the video but shared it on social media.

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