Rashbehari ATM fraud arrested in Bishnupur South 24 Pargana | ‘Tactical’ ATM fraudsters in ‘Geroy’ jail with ‘expensive glasses’ … – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Tomorrow is the ATM cheater (Kolkata News) after buying the glasses. The fraudster, identified as Shauvik Bandyopadhyay, snatched a person’s ATM card from an ATM counter on Rashbehari ATM Fraud Avenue. Using that card, he bought spectacles from a spectacle shop in the area for 1900 rupees. Not only that, before buying the glasses, the fraudster also took Rs 1 lakh in cash from the ATM, a person named Sudip Dey complained to the Taliganj police station to this effect.

On October 26, Sudip Dey visited an ATM in the Rash Behari Avenue area (Kolkata News). The cheater Shauvik was standing there. He introduced himself as a bank employee. I want to know Sudip Babu, you can’t deposit money without KYC update. The fraudster asked Sudip Babu to give the PIN using the ATM card (Rashbehari ATM Fraud). At that opportunity he knew the pin. It is alleged that he changed the card by trickery (Kolkata News).

According to the police sources of Taliganj police station, after buying spectacles using the card, a message goes to the card owner Sudip Babu, spectacles have been bought using the card (Kolkata News). The name of the spectacle shop is found in it. The police started the investigation from that source. At the same time, CCTV footage of the ATM counter on Rashbehari Avenue where Rashbehari ATM Fraud had fraudulently changed Sudip Babu’s card was collected for investigation purposes.

According to police sources (Kolkata News), after buying spectacles using the card, the fraudster in the shop said that he had bought spectacles for his father. The father is about to come, he will say that he has taken the son. But forgetting this, Rashbehari ATM Fraud. Police arrested the accused from Bishnupur area of ​​South 24 Parganas on Saturday night (Kolkata News). If the accused is produced in the Alipore court, the judge has ordered to keep him in police custody till November 5.

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