#Kolkata: Duare Ration will be introduced from tomorrow as announced earlier. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that the door-to-door ration will be introduced in the state from November 18. The Department of Food and Distribution has already begun detailed work on this. However, some dealers objected to the ration at the door. They repeatedly approached the court. The court rejected their application. This project will be launched in the state at last.

The Ration Dealers’ Joint Forum launched a counter-campaign, ‘Ration at the store, not at the door’. According to the organization, they participated in 15 percent of the pilot projects in September. They had to face various problems while doing that work. Many consumers have expressed reluctance to take home rations

The pilot project may not last long. This project cannot be implemented. Explaining the reason, the Joint General Secretary of the Joint Forum, Vishwambhar Basu, said, “Our experience is that there has been an extra expense and a handling loss. However, this project is being launched tomorrow with about 10 thousand ration dealers. Vishwambharbabu, however, said, “We must go to the homes of those who are not physically fit. We must give them rations.”

The state, however, is keen to give Duare Ration to all. The Ration Dealers’ Association said that a final decision has not been taken on some issues yet. Meanwhile, the Ration Dealers’ Association has increased the commission by Tk 50 per quintal. If you want to do biometric, you will get another 25 rupees per quintal. Now the commission is 65 rupees per quintal. Dealers demanded a total of 200 rupees. That has been 125 rupees for now. Although rations will be introduced at the door, it will not be introduced in the two hill districts due to geographical reasons.

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Even in parts of the Sundarbans delta, problems have arisen. However, wherever the product is delivered, it will be given to the customers only after measuring the product and registering it in the e-pass machine. Although the dealers have multiple statements, according to the state food department, the project should start first. Only then will it be understood where the problem is. Food Minister Rathin Ghosh said, “Let the work start before you go down to the ground. Only then will you know where the problem is. If you just look at the problem, there will be no work.” So from tomorrow, Duare Ration will be introduced with about 10 thousand dealers in the state.

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