#Kolkata: At the door, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee pointed out the direction of new employment in rations. Inaugurating the Duare Ration project on this day, the Chief Minister said that each ration dealer would employ two staffs to deliver rations at the door. As a result, the state government’s new initiative has paved the way for at least 42,000 new jobs across the state.

Earlier, the state government had launched a pilot project of Duare Ration (Mamata Banerjee inaugurates Duare Ration) project. This time the door ration project 7 was launched in full swing The Chief Minister said that the ration dealers would take the rations by car and deliver the rations to the neighborhoods. There are a total of 21,000 ration dealers in the state Each dealer can have two employees, said the Chief Minister As a result, forty-two thousand new employment opportunities were created According to the Chief Minister, the salary of one employee will be ten thousand rupees The state government will pay half of the salary

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The Chief Minister has assured more cooperation to the dealers to run the ration project at the door He said the state would provide a subsidy of Rs 1 lakh to dealers to buy cars to deliver rations If the dealers do not have a car, the distributors will cooperate with them

Several ration dealers went to court against the ration scheme at the door The Chief Minister, however, made it clear that the government would not tolerate any obstruction in the implementation of the project. Addressing the ration dealers, the Chief Minister said, “But it will happen, it will not work.” No one will stop When I said I would do it, I would do it I have saved Lakshmi’s money, I have promised to do student credit card, there will be rations at the door. ‘

The Chief Minister said that those who are covered under the food partner scheme will be able to collect rations from any shop in the state by showing their ration card from now on.

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