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Ration: Big complication, organization threatens not to collect rations through e-pos! What’s going to happen …


#Kolkata: The Joint Forum for West Bengal Ration Dealers Association will not provide biometric ration through e-pos on 7th. As a result, it will not be possible to provide rations through Aadhaar or OTP. The organization alleges that they are not depriving any legitimate ration customer from rations as per Section-6 of Aadhaar Act and Clause-26, Sub Clause-11 of WBUPDS control order 2013.

According to the organization, the department is aware of 100% Authenticated transaction through various orders, but in the same order, if the office fails Authentication transaction through Aadhaar or OTP, it will provide ration through Aadhaar and authentication transaction in e-POS machine controlled by the office according to the same order. In case of failure the transaction is being done in “Manual Aadhar” and “Pure unauthorized” manner. The Food Department held a high-level administrative meeting on February 10 There 100% authenticated transaction is not made mandatory. Despite informing that ration dealers will not be harassed unnecessarily for manual Aadhar transactions, the department has failed to keep its promise at this time.

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Ration dealers have been subjected to unwarranted administrative harassment while delivering rations through Aadhaar numbers despite the clear order to deliver rations through Aadhaar numbers even if Aadhar or OTP failed and these cards were later blocked or deactivated. In this meeting on last 10 days, various erroneous stock reports of their e-Pos machine were mentioned.

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Although the office reconciled the stock on April 19, it actually led to more errors rather than correcting the stock of the e-Pos machine. As a result, it is alleged that the dealers are being show-cause unnecessarily as there is no similarity between the physical report and the error report of the e-POS machine during the shop inspection. Due to this mistake, many ration shops were not allocated in June However, the state food department has denied all the allegations.

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