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Ration dealers are bringing allegation against CM Mamata Banerjee Dream Project Mamata’s dream ‘door ration project’ against food law? Rational Dealer’s Complaint … – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Ration dealers are not able to give ration (Duare Ration) to the ration customers for not matching OTP and fingerprints. For which nine thousand five hundred metric tons which could not distribute about 20% ration goods last month. The ration rice, wheat and flour are lying at the door of the ration dealer’s shop. This was alleged by Vishwambhar Basu, General Secretary of the Joint Forum for West Bengal Ration Dealers Association.

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Vishwambharbabu told a press conference that the Duare Ration was against the Central Food Security Act. He said the ration system has a total of five categories of ration cards. Among them are many people who do not have their own mobile phones. Using someone else’s mobile number, they filled out the form. As a result, their OTP is not coming to take rations. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. As a result, ration dealers are not able to give them rations. He also said that Mamata Banerjee has asked people to know biometrics. Those who can go to the neighborhood to give rations. Five to ten thousand rupees salary biometric know or computer know driver and kalasi not available.

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He also said that the Duare Ration project is costing a lot of money including car rental and incidental expenses. As a result, it is not possible to take out the goods outside the shop and give them to the neighbors. With all these demands, the Joint Forum for West Bengal Ration Dealers Association will hold a procession on December 26, from Shyambazar Five Heads to Rani Rasmoni. Vishwambharbabu himself is a ration dealer. He repeatedly raised the account of loss of ration dealers in this press conference.

“During the tenure of this government, people are getting proper quality food from rations,” he said. This is the demand of the customers. However, according to a source, there are many ration customers who do not make Duration Ration every month. They, who digests the goods not taken? However, Vishwambhar Basu, general secretary of the Joint Forum for West Bengal Ration Dealers Association, declined to comment.

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