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#Kolkata: Behala replaces Sovan Chatterjee as MLA from East Center. Today Ratna Chatterjee (Ratna Chatterjee) is the fortune teller from ward 131 of Shovon as a councilor.

Whoever is the new councilor of ward 131, Shovan’s more than three decades as an MP is coming to an end today. Because, the name of Shovan Chatterjee was written on the website of Calcutta Municipality as the coordinator of ward 131 till this day.

Ratna Chattopadhyay is in a divorce case with Shovon Chattopadhyay Shovon left home due to marital quarrel He is practically far away from politics Shovon was the MLA of Behala East Center In 2021, Trinamool nominated Ratna Chatterjee from that center Although he joined the BJP, Shovon was not nominated from that constituency In that rage, he also severed ties with the Gerua camp Ratna 7 was elected MLA from Behala East

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The Trinamool leadership has relied on Ratna Chatterjee even in the pre-poll polls after the Assembly elections. Ratna has been fielded from ward 131 where Shovon Chatterjee was a councilor. If Ratna wins, Shovon’s name will be deleted for the time being as a people’s representative Incidentally, Shovon has been the councilor, mayor council and mayor of Kolkata for more than three decades. Only time will tell what will happen in the future, but today, as the people’s representative, Shovan’s official beard is officially shaved.

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At one time the violin was called the average of Shovan In that violin, Ratna is fighting to establish himself once again After leaving home and resigning as mayor, Shovon did not make his mark on the violin. At that time, Ratnai was staying by the side of the people of the area keeping in touch with the team As a result, Ratna Chattopadhyay is not going to get into much trouble even if she gets the responsibility as a councilor

Atin Ghosh, Debashis Kumar and Debabrata Majumdar have become well known to the people of Kolkata with their long service as councilors and mayors. To make use of that experience, the ruling party has again nominated them for the post of councilor

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