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#Kolkata: BJP all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh paid a morning visit to Newtown Ecopark on Thursday as usual. BJP’s all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh (Dilip Ghosh Prabir Ghoshal) was found in a different mood on the day in the face of questions from journalists. One leader after another is leaving the BJP. This time ‘dissonant’ BJP candidate Prabir Ghoshal. The former journalist has written a whole column in the Trinamool mouthpiece criticizing the BJP. Dilip Ghosh slammed Prabir Ghoshal, who got the nickname ‘Besuro’ in the team. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s administrative meeting on Wednesday did not leave to make fun of.

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Regarding Prabir Ghoshal, Dilip Ghosh Prabir Ghoshal said, “Those who are not taking, there is no entry board, they are in a kind of trouble. They can’t decide where to go. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will continue to be as holy as the Ganges.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (Dilip Ghosh On CM Mamata Banerjee) threatened the MLAs at the administrative meeting yesterday. In this regard, Dilip Ghosh said, when people get angry, he tries to whitewash every time by saying such message. Sometimes he threatens Kesht, says he has a little less oxygen, then he goes to a party with his money. The people of Bengal are tired of watching such dramas. Do not pay a penny for making people stand on the street and write their names. He made big promises before the election and did nothing. People have come to BJP looking for alternatives. We will protest as well and show how Modiji’s work can be done.

The scope of BSF has been extended. Three people were shot dead. In this context, Dilip Ghosh said, “It is not the common man who has killed Bangladesh and for this the scope has been widened. Those who do not have money from Bangladeshis do business and shout. The people of the country are happy. We have to ensure security. They’re having trouble doing business with it. “

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Incidentally, Prabir Ghoshal left the Trinamool Congress and joined the BJP (Dilip Ghosh Prabir Ghoshal). But he can no longer stay there. Prabir Ghoshal claims that BJP leader Tathagata Roy has also said that.

An article by Prabir Ghoshal was published in Jago Bangla on Wednesday morning. The headline of the report was, ‘There are more people asking for money than working there.’ His report also raised the issue of ‘tickets with money’. The topic of viral audio clips comes up.

He stood for BJP in Uttar Pradesh in the assembly elections. But Prabir Ghoshal was defeated. Just as the controversy over Rajiv Banerjee’s political position began after the announcement of the election results, so did the speculation about Prabir Ghoshal. Rajib returned to Tripura holding Abhishek’s hand. Prabir Ghoshal’s political position is still in limbo. However, in Jago Bangla, the way he vented his anger against his present party, the political circles were confused.

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