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#Kolkata: “2021 is a year of ups and downs in the history of Bengali politics.” This was stated by BJP All India Vice President Dilip Ghosh on his morning visit to Echo Park on the last day of the year. He also made a statement about the rise and fall of Gerua camp. At the same time, Dilip Ghosh also gave a strong message regarding the pre-vote (West Bengal Municipal Election 2022). He also opened his mouth to his one-time teammate, Sabyasachi Dutt to Babul Supriya.

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Speaking to reporters on Friday, Dilip Ghosh said, “We have reached the peak in 2021. We have fallen behind again. We have learned.” At the same time, BJP’s all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh has given an explanation as to why Sabyasachi Dutta is at the grassroots level. He said, “Sabyasachi has gone for the ticket. Many such people came before the assembly vote. They thought BJP would win. They did not win. So they left.”

Is the soil of Asansol going to loosen in the future of Babul Supriyo after leaving Gerua camp? Dilip Ghosh is getting that signal before the pre-vote? “Babul was not our leader. He was a minister. His departure has nothing to do with the Asansol vote (West Bengal Municipal Election 2022). There will be tough fight everywhere. Our organization is weak in and around Kolkata,” said Dilip Ghosh. That will not happen in the district. “

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Earlier on Thursday, Dilip Ghosh made several comments on the situation in the state. “The atmosphere of fear, other states have canceled all festivals, our state is loose,” he said with caution. He added that efforts were being made to cancel the vote in other states. However, he is heard saying that politicians will not decide on this issue, experts will.

Without naming the Gangasagar Mela, Dilip Ghosh attacked the state government with the comment ‘Khela-Mela’. Regarding the Kumbh Mela, he said that the Kumbh Mela, the largest fair in the world, was closed down, even though the state imposed restrictions. He said the state should take a decision by understanding the overall issues.

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Regarding the pre-vote (West Bengal Municipal Election 2022), he said, ‘All the municipal candidate lists have been prepared. The problem is less in Siliguri, so the list has been published, the rest will be soon. He also said that the party is also thinking about star promotion, adding that four municipalities are very important. The fight is on to win, so the team must think about promoting a star or a heavyweight. ‘

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