#Kolkata: For some time now, the opposition has been vocal about the imposition of Section 357 in the state. Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has also demanded Section 357. On Wednesday, BJP’s all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh said it was time to issue section 357 in the state. Dilip Ghosh said that a government has brought public opinion less than a year ago, in which the demand of section 357 has been raised which means it is clear how out of control the government has become.

On Thursday, BJP’s all-India vice-president (Dilip Ghosh) once again questioned the issue. “People who voted to protect it are now looting. So the central government should protect the interests of the people by appealing to the center,” he said.

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On this day, Dilip Ghosh took the intellectuals by the hand in the context of Hashkhali Incident. He said, “Why was there no candlelight procession in Hanskhali?” – Dilip Ghosh said with a sharp sneer at the intellectuals, “The stomach used to move by showing candles. The stomach has become so fat. It has become difficult to walk. The shop used to run by showing candles. “Social media has now become a shortcut medium. It doesn’t do much good,” Dilip said, referring to a social media post by a section of intellectuals.

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To everyone’s surprise, Dilip Ghosh was seen distributing Prasad Nakuldana of Ram Mandir on this day. He said, “I am feeding everyone Ram Mandir’s Prasad Nakuldana. He who used to feed Nakuldana is now eating hospital rice. He has to take that responsibility. He will spend the rest of his life like Lalu Prasad. So we are fulfilling his duty.”

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