#Kolkata: Revolt in BJP Bengal Some of the ‘rebels’ want to intensify the protests through the movement. The other side thinks that the assurance of the central leadership should be carried out slowly for the time being with dignity (BJP West Bengal).

The party’s general secretary (organization) Amitabh Chakraborty’s removal, including a series of attacks on the ruling party after the movement’s strategy is not agreeing with the protesters. According to sources, Shantanu Thakur and his followers want the right time to intensify the movement.

But some disgruntled state leaders, including Sayantan Basu, feel that the message against the ruling group has reached the central top leadership. MP Shantanu Tagore has been assured by All India President JP Nadda that he will discuss the issue with Shantanu as soon as the polls in five states, including Uttar Pradesh, are over. As a result, it is advisable to take a slow-moving policy for the time being by showing confidence in Nadda and the central leadership.

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Sayantans fear that if the movement against the ruling group does not rush, many more will benefit from it. According to the leaders of the section, the recent attack on the state office and districts in Kolkata demanding removal of BJP general secretary (organization) Amitabh Chakraborty, posters on the streets and trains in nasty language, is being blamed on various social media campaigns. . However, they have nothing to do with this part of the agitated BJP. As a result, no control will be exercised over them.

In this situation, some agitated leaders like Sayantan Basu think that it is better to keep an eye on the situation instead of moving away from public rebellion. However, according to the political circles, some of the protesters like Sayantan have gone into a frenzy after the state leadership complained to the central leadership about the meeting and poster revolt of the protesters yesterday. That is why the agitators want to keep the issue alive instead of the strategy of the movement

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At the Port Trust Guest House meeting, Shantanu had proposed that a parallel movement be started now with the demand of Matua by setting up a new stage with the name of Shyamaprasad Mukherjee along with PR Tagore, the founder of Matua Federation. Shantanu Tagore, an MP from Bangaon, also wanted to announce a BJP-style ‘MP Relationship Journey’ to convey the message of the stage to the people of the Matua community spread across the districts of the state. However, in the end, Shantanu had to withdraw from the official announcement as there was no consensus on it.

However, even if Shantanu is disarmed for the time being, part of the party feels that a split in the state BJP will be inevitable if the central leadership does not come up with a solution after March 10.

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