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Record rain in cyclone, what is the weather forecast today? – News18 Bangla


Kolkata: There is no pause in the rain It started raining from midnight on Sunday. It increases further from Monday morning. Due to which water started accumulating in different parts of Kolkata and other districts of South Bengal. The speed of vehicles has slowed down. Ordinary people are suffering. According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, a cyclone has formed in the Bay of Bengal. Besides, seasonal axis has been active in South Bengal. Due to this, the intensity of rain has increased. In addition, the seasonal axis extends from Gaya over Kolkata to the Bay of Bengal. Due to this, light to moderate rain is also expected in different districts of the state on Tuesday. There is a risk of thunder and rain. Special care has been taken in case of lightning.

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According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, the city received a record amount of rain in Dhapa on Monday. There was 126 mm of rain (Kolkata Rain Update) from 10 pm to 8 am. The rainfall was 63 mm from 8 am to 2 pm on Monday. In other words, the total rainfall in Dhapa from Sunday night to Monday afternoon is 190 mm. However, one day’s rainfall has exceeded the level in Tapasia and other areas in the city. Topsia is in the second place in the list of record rain (Kolkata Rain Update). So far there has been 155 mm of rain. Then there is Ultodanga. The amount of rain there is 152 mm.

Depression across the state due to cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. The metropolis is virtually under water due to rain since Sunday. Apart from Dhapa, Topsia and Ultodanga, most parts of the city received more than 100 mm of rainfall. Several areas of Newtown were under water all day Monday. There was knee-deep water in front of Snehadia Old Age Home in Newtown BC Block. As a result, the local people are in extreme trouble.

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Sapurji Palanji Housing Square in Rajarhat was plagued by waterlogging. Unprecedented water accumulation in the whole area. According to the residents, they have never seen so much water accumulating in one day’s rain. The water enters and closes the housing elevator. As a result, the residents fell into a great crisis. Water freezes everywhere in the rainforest. People have to be humiliated. Today, the residents of the residence look at the situation on Tuesday.

However, the weather office has already expressed hope. Kolkata Rain Update is likely to ease in Kolkata from Tuesday afternoon.

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