#Kolkata: That panic returned after two and a half years. Cracks were seen in at least 6-16 houses in Durga Pituri Lane in Baubazar since Wednesday evening during Metro work. Many families have left their homes in panic. Many of them are currently at the Cue Inn Hotel in Creek Row.

Metro work next to the scene. Concrete work is underway across the metro tunnel. On the one hand, just like many residents of Durga Pituri Lane are homeless, on the other hand, the people on the other side of Durga Pituri Lane are counting the hours in terror! What to do? What dangers lie ahead? Disoriented helpless residents! Sanjay Dandi and his family do not understand anything. There are children and 2 old people in the house. They are sick, one has just had surgery! What will happen if they leave the house? How can everything be handled? This is the only question in the sad face now!

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Metro authorities assured after 2019, there will be no more problems! Regular surveillance, the whole area will be monitored! But again from Wednesday crack-panic! Metro work was halted after cracks were found in several houses. Police and Calcutta Municipality staffers preached to Mike and asked the residents of the cracked house to come out. Later, the process of evacuation of the residents of the area started. But not only the residents of this region, there are many people who spend most of their days here. Their livelihood involved with this region! Someone or business, someone or shop! Today they are forced to close the shop! Jump to the store, piled things in front! Ganesh Chandra Sheel had a gold shop in Hidaram Banerjee Lane! The shop is currently locked! In his words, “Gold jewelry was made in my shop. The store has been closed for cracks! I do not know where to go now! No address! This situation since last night. The same misery happened in 2019! That day is back! “

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After last night, the members of the house number 18/1 of Durga Pituri Lane have taken shelter in the hotel! This morning I saw a heartbreaking picture … Everyone left home in one piece yesterday, today the boy has come to take two saris from home for his mother! In his words, ” The condition of the house I saw last night is now even more dangerous! After 2019, there was hope, I will go back to my home again! But now that I see the situation, I don’t think I will be able to return to my family. “

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