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Returning to Ukraine, the study of pen in the hands of medical students started from 1st June Medical students from Ukraine to start with their studies in Kolkata medical colleges – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: State Health Minister and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has spoken about the return of medical students to Ukraine. From June 1, various medical college hospitals in the state will start offering pen-and-paper studies to medical students returning to Ukraine. The state health department has named this special education as Observationship.

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Many medical students have returned to the country after falling victim to the war in Ukraine. But they were wondering what would happen to their incomplete medical studies? State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself raised the issue. In a meeting with the students returning to Ukraine at the Khudiram Practice Center in March, Mamata Banerjee said that the state health department would be by the side of the medical students. According to the decision, the state health department recently issued a notification. Medical students returning to Ukraine will be able to continue their studies at various medical colleges and dental medical colleges in the state by filling up the form online, the statement said. According to the notification, 394 students applied online to the state health department. This time, the 394 students returning to Ukraine will have the opportunity to continue their studies at various medical college hospitals in the state from June 1.

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In this regard, the health department has published a detailed list of which students will go to which medical college or dental medical college. It has been informed that the required documents have to be submitted by visiting the medical college fixed by the health department on Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st. Medical students returning to Ukraine will be able to take part in the class from June 1 after verifying the information in the specific paper. Medical students are happy to have the opportunity to learn with pen in hand again so soon.

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